3 Tea with ASTP webinars this month

Key success factors for technology transfer 
1st March 2022 17:00 – 18:00 CET | Online

Jon Wulff Petersen will kick-off with reflections on the work of the European project ProgressTT, on the key success factors (KSF’s) for technology transfer, and particularly the role of the research institution’s management and the TTO office. The discussion will then move on to your experiences with these KSF’s.

Join, share experiences, and learn together.

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The Three Dimensions of Entrepreneurship
15th March 2022 16:00 – 17:00 CET | Online

Three Dimensions of Entrepreneurship, co-author Professor Russell Smith, will discuss three frameworks of enterprise, environment, and entropy that now comprise what has become known as the ‘New Standard Model’ for business.

Register here for insights into this new approach that is now included in the Master in Technology-based Entrepreneurship taught at the University of Malta, and the associated assessment tools that form the basis of their validated mentoring programme at the TAKEOFF incubator within the university.

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Transitioning to knowledge valorisation
29th March 2022 17:00 – 18:00 CET | Online

In response to the changing global innovation landscape, the ERA Forum for transition has been implementing a comprehensive plan to increase Europe’s competitiveness.

The drafting of the European Guiding principles for Knowledge Valorisation and related codes of practice was called on to update the 2008 Commission Recommendation on the management of intellectual property.

This webinar will give you the vision of a more competitive Europe that called for the new set of knowledge valorisation principles and how these principles can bring a change to the European innovation ecosystem.

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