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Equity for Academic IP

17th January 2023 16:00 – 17:00 CET | Online
This webinar will explore the interplay between the terms of a license and receiving shares, the diverse range of classes of shares and their rights and moreover, the position of the academic institution towards the company’s future stakeholders.

Join Attorney at law, Marnix Posthumus Meyjes for this session.

Free to ASTP members

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Sub-licensing: horror scenarios and how to avoid them

31st January 2023 16:00 – 17:00 CET | Online
This webinar will cover situations where sub-licensing considerations become important, key financial clauses and their effect, negotiation positions, and other key considerations in sub-licensing including which elements are desirable to flow down into the sub-licence.

With Andrew Tingey is Director, Licensing & IP Transactions – IP Pragmatics, UK.

Free to ASTP members

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Get your smarts on with ASTP Training Courses 2023

Train with ASTP in 2023

Marketing and Business Development
25th – 27th January | Sitges, Spain

Using case studies and reflections from experienced practitioners, this course develops frameworks and tools that can be widely used to develop new research and licensing collaborations and structure those relationships in a way that benefits and aligns the motivation of both parties.


Software Specific Challenges in TT  
25th – 27th January | Sitges, Spain

Dive into the challenges of software and which factors to be aware of when considering the basics. Become familiar with rarer forms of IP protection. Course directors will also unpack big data, marketing channels, and software-based spin-offs.

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Research and Development Collaborations 
25th – 27th January | Sitges, Spain
Are you ready to expand your skills and deepen your knowledge of research and development collaborations? You should join this course!
When attending this course, an appreciation of managing complex negotiations is useful.

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March 2023 | Vilnius, Lithuania

Fundamentals of Supporting Consultancy 
22nd – 24th March | Vilnius, Lithuania

Work on the practical elements of supporting academic consultancy with a collaborative group of experts who have accumulated decades of specialist knowledge and insights. If you are involved in commercialisation, knowledge transfer, business development roles in commercialisation, or in other university administrative offices: this is the course for you!

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Creating Successful Spin-outs 
22nd – 24th March | Vilnius, Lithuania

This course is for experienced technology transfer managers whose portfolios includes expertise technologies that may be best commercialised in a spin-out company. We explore what sort of technologies are best commercialised and the role of KT managers in setting the initial business strategy.

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Negotiations Skills for KTOs
22nd – 24th March | Vilnius, Lithuania

This course will provide you with the tools to prepare technology transfer negotiations and improve your skills to make moves both at and beyond the negotiation table.

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Fundamentals of Technology Transfer 
22nd – 24th March | Vilnius, Lithuania

The essentials but much more than the basics. Join this course if you are new to the profession and want to 3 days of intense learning and networking.

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Regional Seminar on the Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions, December 8, 2022

Svetovna organizacija za intelektualno lastnino (WIPO) organizira regionalni spletni seminar na temo patentiranja računalniško izvedenih izumov v sodelovanju z Estonskim patentnim uradom.

Namen seminarja je povečati ozaveščenost in poglobiti razumevanje vloge varstva računalniško izvedenih izumov prek patentnih sistemov različnih jurisdikcij.

Seminar bo potekal 8. decembra v angleškem jeziku, preko Zoom-a.
Prijave so možne prek spletne strani WIPO: https://wipo-int.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5crc-6srz4sH9J0nFcSe-CyVdVs3HwLFeh2

Seminar je namenjen zainteresiranim s strani nacionalnih uradov za intelektualno lastnino, TTO-jem, raziskovalnim organizacijam in podjetjem.

Program seminarja je dostopen tule -> Program_Virtual Regional Seminar_CII_Dec 8 2022

ASTP November

ASTP Impact and Development

In 2020, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) convened an Expert Group to advise on the collection and curation of European knowledge transfer metrics and to explore the development of high-level composite indicators. Thanks to the involvement of ASTP members, Phase 2 of this work: Exploitation of Composite Indicators for KT has just been published.

Directors’ Forum SIG

Following the enthusiastic response to relaunching the Directors’ Forum Special Interest Group, save the date for the first meeting 23-24 Feb 2023 in Antwerp where the focus will be on Data Management of a KTO. Take the survey here

Celebrate 2022

As our new tradition determines, we invite you to come along to our online End of Year Party, 15th December from 16:00 CET. The party is open to all, so bring your colleagues and friends. Register here

During the 4th ASTP-EU Forum, Ioannis Sagias, Deputy Head of Unit for Valorisation Policies and IPR at the European Commission, will be joined by members of the Community of Practice to update on EU knowledge valorisation policies and related Code of Conduct on smart use of IA.
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Digital SHAPE | SSHA in-person meeting

Friday 25 November 2022 | Cambridge, UK

A one-day, in-person meeting focuses on Digital Innovation in the context of knowledge transfer in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts.

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Professionalising Knowledge Transfer
Training Courses
Fundamentals of Tech Transfer | 23 – 25 Nov 2022 Online
Marketing and Business Development | 25 – 27 Jan 2023 Sitges | Spain
Software Specific Challenges in Tech Transfer | 25 – 27 Jan 2023 Sitges | Spain
Research and Development Collaborations | 25 – 27 Jan 2023 Sitges | Spain
Fundamentals of Supporting Consultancy | 22 -24 March 2023 Vilnius | Lithuania
Creating Successful Spinouts | 22 -24 March 2023 Vilnius | Lithuania
Negotiation Skills for KTOs | 22 -24 March 2023 Vilnius | Lithuania
Fundamentals of Tech Transfer | 22 – 24 March 2023 Vilnius | Lithuania

Impact Indicators of Knowledge Valorisation | 30 Nov 2022
Fundamentals of Negotiations | 8 Dec 2022
How to take Academic Software to Market | 9 March 2023

Agrifood SIG | 22 Nov 2022
ASTP-EU Forum | 29 Nov 2022
Tea with ASTP: How to tell your best story | 29 Nov 2022
SSHA Flashlight #17 | 7 Dec 2022
End of Year Party | 15 Dec 2022

Other news

Women’s participation in inventive activity

The European Patent Office has just published a new study entitled Women’s participation in inventive activity: evidence from EPO data”the first of its kind by the office, with key insights into gender and patenting in Europe.

Read more


Best practices of V4 TTOs in international patenting

The event will feature an introduction of the relevant grant opportunities of the IVF and an outline of benefits for TTOs of using the PCT system in patenting. The roundtable discussion with TTO experts from the V4 countries will be followed by a live Q&A session

Read more

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Spletni dogodek IP4YOU za strokovnjake s področja intelektualne lastnine


Urad Republike Slovenije za intelektualno lastnino v sodelovanju z Uradom Evropske unije za intelektualno lastnino (EUIPO) organizira spletni dogodek »IP4YOU«, ki je namenjen zastopnikom, odvetnikom in drugim strokovnjakom za intelektualno lastnino.

Strokovnjaki iz EUIPO bodo predstavili aktualne teme s področja intelektualne lastnine – predstavitev odločitev o ugovorih, s poudarkom na verjetnosti zmede, dokazovanju ugleda in uporabe, predstavitev absolutnih razlogov za zavrnitev znamke s poudarkom na pridobljenem razlikovalnem učinku ter novosti sklada za pomoč MSP (Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund). Predstavljeno bo tudi novo spletno mesto Urada Republike Slovenije za intelektualno lastnino.

Dogodek bo potekal v slovenskem (moderiranje in predstavitev spletnega mesta urada) in angleškem jeziku (predstavitve strokovnjakov EUIPO). Udeležba je brezplačna.

Prijave so možne na tej povezavi.

Vljudno vabljeni!


Sektor za promocijo in mednarodno sodelovanje

Kotnikova 6, 1000 Ljubljana
T: 01 620 31 00

Spoštujmo intelektualno lastnino

ASTP: rooted in the community, growing globally

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Celebrating ASTP’s transnational DNA

ASTP: find out how we are working in Europe
For some years, ASTP has had an active Europe Committee. These are the people who drive our connection with the European Commission, the Joint Research Council and who drive the ASTP-EU Forum. To learn more about their work, read here
Register for 4th ASTP-EU Forum | 29th November here

Global Summit: uniting in KT
On 13th and 14th October, ASTP was among the 38 leaders from 5 continents convened in Geneva to discuss two main topics: Increasing Diversity Across our Innovation Ecosystems and Models for Government Funding of KT/TT. This was an amazing opportunity to share knowledge and experience at global level and to strengthen the position of ASTP in the international knowledge transfer arena.
Read all about it here

KTIS: Knowledge Transfer International Symposium
Over 700 of you participated in the first Knowledge Transfer International Symposium last week. ASTP speakers, moderators and members shared much of their knowledge and experience during the event, and we would like to thank you for helping to make this ground-breaking conference such a success. Recordings of the sessions will be available soon. 

Professionalising Knowledge Transfer

Training Courses
Fundamentals of Technology Transfer | 23 – 25 Nov 2022 Online
Marketing and Business Development | 25 – 27 Jan 2023 Sitges | Spain
Software Specific Challenges in technology Transfer | 25 – 27 Jan 2023 Sitges | Spain
Research and Development Collaborations | 25 – 27 Jan 2023 Sitges | Spain

Fundamentals of Negotiations | 8 Dec 2022
How to take Academic Software to Market | 9 March 2023

ASTP-EU Forum | 29 Nov 2022

Interested in joining the new pan-European group of KT practitioners focused on sustainability?
Complete the survey here

Partner events

Seeking academic research investigating the relationship between the microbiome, health and disease

Submissions Deadline: Monday, November 7, 2022 IN-PART has launched their latest Global Challenge campaign aimed to leverage the human microbiome to prevent disease and improve human health. The intention of the campaign is to start meaningful conversations between academia and industry with the potential to form partnerships that will accelerate technological solutions for global problems. 

Read more

Contractor to provide Knowledge Transfer/TTO services

The Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) is soliciting proposals for a contractor to provide Knowledge Transfer/TTO services to academic and research institutions and companies in the country. 

Read more

High-Growth Technology Business Conference free!
 21- 22 November 2022

IP professionals will share insights and takeaways on how intellectual property can support businesses and innovation with in-depth elaborations on operational excellence, digitalisation of business and internationalisation. 

EPO and LESI are organising the third High-growth Technology Business (HTB) online conference.

Read more and register

Impact of Social Science, Humanities & Arts Conference2- 4 November 2022

AESIS proudly announces the sixth edition of the annual Impact of Social Science, Humanities and Arts Conference.
Special rates for ASTP members.

Read more

12. oktobra 2022 vabljeni na 15. Mednarodno konferenco o prenosu tehnologij

12. oktobra 2022 vabljeni na 15. Mednarodno konferenco o prenosu tehnologij

Na Institutu ”Jožef Stefan” bo 12. oktobra 2022 potekala 15. Mednarodna konferenca o prenosu tehnologij (ITTC, International Technology Transfer Conference) za povezovanje raziskovalne sfere z gospodarstvom in šolstvom ter o procesih in specifikah prenosa tehnologij.

V  celodnevnem programu se boste lahko seznanili z izkušnjami francoske organizacije CEA pri učinkovitem sodelovanju z gospodarstvom, vrhunskimi raziskovalnimi projekti slovenskih znanstvenikov, raziskovalnimi prispevki s področja prenosa tehnologij in sodelovanjem Instituta ”Jožef Stefan” s šolstvom, vključno s tekmovanjem za izbor inovacije z največjim tržnim potencialom ter razglasitvijo prejemnikov letošnjih nagrad WIPO Medal for Inventors in WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy.

Svečana podelitev nagrad bo potekala v petek, 14. oktobra 2022.

Udeležba je brezplačna. Poleg fizične udeležbe bo vsebine možno spremljati preko svetovnega spleta (Zoom).

Prijava poteka preko Eventbrite strani.

Vabljeni k udeležbi!

Dodatne informacije:

Face to face training courses are back!

Face to face training courses are back!
Three concurrent courses
One beautiful Spanish beach-side hotel
Limited places, book now and join us for some seaside learning
Marketing and business development
29th June – 1st July 2022 | Sitges, Spain
Most knowledge transfer courses assume that the partner is already identified and concentrate on the ‘technical’ aspects of structuring a robust deal. However, the more difficult and time-consuming part of process is finding a partner and generating commitment and enthusiasm to the point where they want to invest in the relationship and do the deal. Using a series of case studies and reflections from experienced practitioners, this course develops frameworks and tools that can be widely used to develop new research and licensing collaborations and structure those relationships in a way that benefits and aligns the motivation of both parties.
Negotiation skills for KTOs
29th June – 1st July 2022 | Sitges, Spain 


The interactive workshops include two negotiation simulations and various case studies based on the real-life experience of the trainers. The participants will have the opportunity to assess their negotiation style and will receive feedback on how effective they are at the negotiation table.

Register here

Software specific challenges in technology transfer
29th June – 1st July 2022 | Sitges, Spain

During this three-day course you will dive into the software-specific challenges in technology transfer. Kicking off with an overview of inventions, patents, licenses, and business concepts that are related to software. 

The challenges of software and which factors to be aware of when considering the basics will also be addressed, in addition to less-familiar forms of IP protection. Other points for discussion are big data, marketing channels, and software-based spin-offs.

The course is highly interactive, including exercises and case studies.

Register here

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ASTP-European Forum | May 2022

ASTP-European Forum | Spring 2022
10 May 2022 | 9:30 – 13:00 CEST

Building on the momentum of two successful meetings between the European Commission and ASTP, we welcome you to join this latest discussion as we forge even greater links between the ASTP community and the Commission.

Topics include: 

  • Technology transfer and spin-out creation: the experience of the European Research Council
  • Technology Transfer and Commercialisation for the European Green Deal
  • Code of Practice for the smart use of IP

This webinar is free and open to all. Share this invitation with your networks!

Register here

3 Tea with ASTP webinars this month

Key success factors for technology transfer 
1st March 2022 17:00 – 18:00 CET | Online

Jon Wulff Petersen will kick-off with reflections on the work of the European project ProgressTT, on the key success factors (KSF’s) for technology transfer, and particularly the role of the research institution’s management and the TTO office. The discussion will then move on to your experiences with these KSF’s.

Join, share experiences, and learn together.

Register Here

The Three Dimensions of Entrepreneurship
15th March 2022 16:00 – 17:00 CET | Online

Three Dimensions of Entrepreneurship, co-author Professor Russell Smith, will discuss three frameworks of enterprise, environment, and entropy that now comprise what has become known as the ‘New Standard Model’ for business.

Register here for insights into this new approach that is now included in the Master in Technology-based Entrepreneurship taught at the University of Malta, and the associated assessment tools that form the basis of their validated mentoring programme at the TAKEOFF incubator within the university.

Register Here

Transitioning to knowledge valorisation
29th March 2022 17:00 – 18:00 CET | Online

In response to the changing global innovation landscape, the ERA Forum for transition has been implementing a comprehensive plan to increase Europe’s competitiveness.

The drafting of the European Guiding principles for Knowledge Valorisation and related codes of practice was called on to update the 2008 Commission Recommendation on the management of intellectual property.

This webinar will give you the vision of a more competitive Europe that called for the new set of knowledge valorisation principles and how these principles can bring a change to the European innovation ecosystem.

Register Here